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Micro Quality Calibration ("MQC") is at the forefront of the Metrology industry with a service offering and capabilities unmatched among its peers. Our A2LA ISO/IEC 17025-2005 accreditation mandates us to uphold the highest level of quality assurance, documentation, and accuracy so that you can rest assured your equipment will be serviced to the highest quality disciplines while our staff provides exceptional service and keeps you updated on your equipment. Request a price quote today

Temperature is the world’s most widely measured property. When measuring in a scientific, industrial or commercial use the temperature of a process must be measured and controlled definitively. As the industry continues to evolve, so does the search for new applications and more exacting temperature measurement and control solutions. MQC understands there is no substitute for repeatability, accuracy and temperature uniformity.


  • Furnace / Oven 9, 27 or 46 point measurement survey according to AMS2750D specifications.
  • Calibrate a broad range of thermocouple types and temperatures


Type Equipment Type Manufacturer / Model #
Calibrator Process Calibrator Various
Calibrator Temperature Calibrator Various
Calibrator Temperature Standards Various
Heating Device Hot Plate Various
Heating Device Kiln Various
Heating Device Solder Machine Various
Heating Device Solder Pot Various
Heating Device Solder Station Various
Heating Device Soldering Analyzer Various
Heating Device Temperature Bath Various
RTD Simulator RTD Simulator Various
Standard Capacitance Standards Various
Standard Drywell Various
Temperature / Humidity Measuring Device Humidity Logger Various
Temperature / Humidity Measuring Device Humidity Meter Various
Temperature / Humidity Measuring Device Humidity Recorder Various
Temperature / Humidity Measuring Device Hygrothermometer Various
Temperature / Humidity Measuring Device Psychrometer Various
Temperature / Humidity Measuring Device Pyrometer Various
Temperature / Humidity Measuring Device Temperature & Humidity Chart Recorder Various
Temperature / Humidity Measuring Device Temperature & Humidity Transmitter Various
Temperature / Humidity Measuring Device Temperature Recorder Various
Temperature / Humidity Measuring Device Weather Station Various
Temperature Chamber Autoclave Various
Temperature Chamber Environment Chamber Various
Temperature Chamber Freezer Various
Temperature Chamber Furnace Various
Temperature Chamber Incubator Various
Temperature Chamber Oven Various
Temperature Chamber Reflow Oven Various
Temperature Chamber Refrigerator Various
Temperature Chamber Vacuum Oven Various
Temperature Probe PRT Probe Various
Temperature Probe RDT Probe Various
Temperature Probe Thermistor Various
Temperature Probe Thermocouple Various
Thermometer Dial Thermometer Various
Thermometer Digital Thermometer Various
Thermometer Glass Thermometer Various
Thermometer Infrared Thermometer Various
Thermometer Surface Thermometer Various
Thermometer Temperature Controller Various
Thermometer Temperature Logger Various
* If not on the list, please inquire *


Furnaces and ovens require periodic inspection to assure the user of uniform temperature and heating throughout the apparatus to guarantee batch repeatability. MQC calibrates, inspects, tests and can certify your equipment to the highest accreditation in the industry with data. Testing is accomplished by measuring temperature in several locations throughout the furnace and monitoring temperature with thermocouples over time then recording findings according to AMS2750D specifications.


MQC has the ability to calibrate a broad range of thermocouple types and temperatures (-328áµ’F to 4,208áµ’F). Thermocouple type, insulation and probe construction will all have an effect on the measurable temperature range, accuracy and reliability of the thermocouple readings.


Thermocouple Type Overall Range (°C) 0.1°C Resolution 0.025°C Resolution
B 100..1800 1030..1800 -
E -270..790 -240..790 -140..790
J -210..1050 -210..1050 -120..1050
K -270..1370 -220..1370 -20..1150
N -260..1300 -210..1300 340..1260
R -50..1760 330..1760 -
S -50..1760 250..1760 -
T -270..400 -230..400 -20..400


Always ensure that your measuring equipment does not limit the range of temperatures that can be measured. Resolution will directly relate to sensitivity. Low sensitivity (B, R and S) have a correspondingly lower resolution. Below are some general thermocouple types:

Type K (Chromel / Alumel) - 'general purpose' thermocouple. It is low cost and available in a wide variety of probes. Thermocouples are available in the -200°C to +1200°C range. Sensitivity is approx 41uV/°C.

Type E (Chromel / Constantan) - non-magnetic and well suited to low temperature (cryogenic) due to its high output (68uV/°C).

Type J (Iron / Constantan) - main application is with old equipment that cannot accept 'modern' thermocouples. J has limited range (-40 to +750°C) making it less popular than type K. The J types should not be used above 760°C as an abrupt magnetic transformation will cause permanent decalibration.

Type N (Nicrosil / Nisil) - high stability and resistance to high temperature oxidation. Less expensive than platinum (B,R,S) types.

Type B (Platinum / Rhodium) - suited for high temperature measurements up to 1800°C. Due to the shape of their temperature / voltage curve they give the same output at 0°C and 42°C. This makes them useless below 50°C.

Type R (Platinum / Rhodium) - suited for high temperature measurements up to 1600°C and have low sensitivity 10uV/°C. High cost makes them unsuitable for general purpose use.

Type S (Platinum / Rhodium) - suited for high temperature measurements up to 1600°C and have low sensitivity 10uV/vC. High cost makes them unsuitable for general purpose use. Due to its high stability type S is used as the standard of calibration for the melting point of gold (1064.43°C).

Thermocouple types B, R and S are all 'noble' metal thermocouples and exhibit similar characteristics. They are the most stable of all thermocouples, but due to their low sensitivity (approx 10uV/0C) they are usually only used for high temperature measurement (>300°C).

Most measurement problems and errors with thermocouples are due to a lack of understanding of how thermocouples work. Thermocouples can suffer from ageing and accuracy may vary consequently especially after prolonged exposure to temperatures at the extremities of their useful operating range.  Common problems include: connection problems, lead resistance, decalibration, noise, common mode voltage, and thermal shunting.


Our Electrical Laboratory not only uses the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment but is also environmentally controlled (both temperature and humidity are closely monitored 70°F with relative humidity not to exceed 40%) to give the lowest degree of measurement uncertainty. Preparation of your precision measurement test equipment is just as important as the calibration. Preparation varies and is equipment specific.


Each calibration / repair / new equipment sale / used equipment sale comes with certificate traceable to N.I.S.T and includes:

  • Barcode & Instrument I.D.
  • Full Data (Before / After) Calibration and/or Repair
  • Condition Received / Condition Returned / Reason for Service
  • Description of Item incl. Model & Serial No.
  • Measuring Range
  • Procedure Used
  • Calibrating Tech
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Accuracy
  • Calibration Standards Employed
  • Numbers Traceable to N.I.S.T.
  • Dual Signatures (Tech and Approval  Signature)
  • Certificate Number
  • Purchase Order
  • Calibration Date  / Next Cal Date
  • Recall / Cycle
  • Repair / Adjustment Note (when applicable)
  • A2LA Accreditation Logo (upon request)
  • Uncertainty (upon request)

Whether you have Primary Standards, Secondary Standards or Working Standards, MQC is one of the few Metrology Laboratories that has the ability to calibrate your precision measurement test equipment in each of its service line disciplines.Turnaround time is 5 business days with expedite service available.

On-site Calibration Services Available

  • Minimal down time lets you focus on maximizing value
  • Convenient
  • No shipping of delicate and costly instruments
  • Increase productivity
  • Expedite on-site service available


Proprietary Calibration Software Gives our Customers 24/7 Access

  • 24/7 Access to Certificates
  • 24/7 Access to Equipment Lists
  • 24/7 Access to Recall Reports
  • 24/7 Access to Calibration Data on your Equipment

MQC can not only help its customers create an accurate comprehensive recall list but also notifies its customers monthly on equipment past due, equipment due in the next 30 days and equipment due the following month to put you in complete control to better manage your precision measurement test equipment, ensure 100% conformity and minimize costly downtime. All this information is also available at your fingertips by simply accessing our web portal and entering your customer number and password.

Why Micro Quality Calibration?

  • Accredited to the highest standards
  • Leading State-of-the-art equipment
  • Environmentally controlled multi-laboratory facility
  • In-house and onsite calibration services available
  • Proprietary calibration software gives customers 24/7 access to certificates, equipment lists, recall reports, calibration data, and more
  • Each calibration / repair comes with certificate traceable to N.I.S.T, calibration data, standards used, and barcode for inventory tracking
  • Ability to repair any instrument we calibrate to the component level and certify to Manufacturer, Federal, Military and Industrial specifications
  • No subcontracting to 3rd parties
  • OEM Trained Technicians
  • Fast 5 business day turnaround time (expedite services available)
  • Free pick-up and delivery with shipments of seven (7) items or more (regionally)
  • Rest assured your valuable precision measurement test equipment will be packaged, picked-up, delivered, and shipped with care
  • Global shipping
  • Sales of over 160 lines of new / used precision measurement equipment (sale items are calibrated at no charge) 
  • Ability to calibrate Primary, Secondary and Working Standards in each category
  • Technical Support Available
  • Small Women Owned Business (matches both Federal and by State Guidelines)

When Quality and Precision Matter we are the only choice.

We represent over 160 lines of precision measurement equipment. Don’t forget to ask us about our used precision measurement test equipment product offering. Below is a listing of just some of our of precision measurement equipment lines we represent and/or service. Please visit our Sales Tab for a listing.






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