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Our Inspection Department is equipped with the latest technology in precision measurement equipment inspection instruments, allowing Micro Quality Calibration (MQC) to measure and validate challenging features. In our labs, we use the most current video, temperature, electronic, and pressure measurement devices, enabling us to achieve the most difficult verifications of dimensional features.

A long time ago, MQC recognized that there were serious flaws in the manufacturing approaches to SPC. To address this problem, we implemented a new, SPC-driven inspection verification plan, enabling our customers to complete their mechanical machine processes without time-consuming stops and starts during inspection procedures. Our verification techniques have been proven to generate significant savings in both manufacturing and quality costs. Additionally, our First Article inspection rapid response team can turn a critical path inspection in 24-72 hours.

Our expertise in spherical (roundness), surface finish, optical (non-contact), and dimensional attribute verifications has thrusted us into an international leadership role in the Metrology industry. We perform Rockwell Hardness Inspection, Compression Testing, Compression Inspection, Electrical Component Inspection, Environmental Testing, and more. Learn more about our precision measurement equipment testing and inspection capabilities here.

Our highly-developed Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) calibration techniques and video-complemented enhancements allow us to access the most difficult to reach areas for verification. Let us examine your parts and products for the minutest defects prior to manufacturing. Whether completing prototype inspections, Initial Sample Inspection reports, full dimensional layouts, or Production Part Approval processes, our First Article Inspection services will arm you with essential information that can save your company money.

We maintain an extensive physical standards inventory, and we continue to evaluate and update this cache with the latest and best standards that money can buy. With this approach, we have been able to capitalize on technical advancements by improving test methods, lowering costs, and reducing cycle times. The comprehensive test reports that we provide to our customers detail the key points of critical dimensional attributes, as well as major and minor features.

MQC has mastered the measurement equipment inspection and testing processes. We are capable of providing detailed precision measurement equipment testing and inspection plans for even the most discriminating clients. To learn how MQC’s experts can elevate your quality processes or request a quote, fill out our contact form or call us at (818) 701-4969 today.



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