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MQC (A2LA Accredited ISO 17025 facility) continues to reinvest in its facility with the goal of being the most advanced and capable state-of-the-art facility. Currently the laboratory utilizes several standards including but not limted to the Ruska 2451 (60-40,000psi) and a Budenberg (725-72,500psi / 70MPA).

The PPCH-G Automated Gas Pressure Controller / Calibrator has a high performance pressure control to (10,000 psi). For gas pressures up to 10,000 psi (70 MPa). AutoRange features inclduing: one or two Q-RPTs in each controller with 10:1 turndown and supports external reference pressure transducers

This unit emphasizes high end performance, minimizing measurement uncertainty and maintaining precise control over a very wide pressure rang. The AutoRange feature supports infinite ranging, automatically optimizing all aspects of operation for the exact desired range and taking pressure controller range ability to a new level.

Control Modes:

·         Dynamic (standard and high volume):  Sets target within hold limit and continuously adjusts pressure to remain at target value.

·         Static: Sets target within hold limit and stops control, allowing pressure to stabilize naturally.

·         Monotonic:  Sets pressure to target and maintains very slow ramp in same direction as pressure increment.

·         Ramp: Sets and maintains user specified rate of change of pressure.

·         Piston Gauge Control : Automates piston gauge pressure control.


Control Precision: To ± 0.001 % of Q-RPT span (standard dynamic)

Slew rate: 60 sec. 0 to full scale, 50 cc volume

Lowest Controllable Pressure: 0.7 MPa (100 psi)

Precision: Greater of ± 0.012% of reading or 0.0036% of Q-RPT span

Measurement Uncertainty: Greater of ± 0.013 % of reading or 0.004% of Q-RPT span

Delivered Pressure Uncertainty (Dynamic Mode): Greater of ± 0.016% of reading or 0.005% of Q-RPT span

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